Become the 3D Artist you always wanted to be

For any upcoming artist, guidance and feedback from a more experienced professional is essential for career growth. Ana Carolina is a 3D artist who offers mentorship to students and young artists, providing them with the feedback they need to improve their skills and portfolio.

This mentorship offers access to a variety of tools and techniques, as well as constructive feedback and guidance from Ana Carolina. This helps artists to develop their skills and grow their creative practice.

The program also provides a supportive community of artists, which can help participants to further their career in sculpture.

Includes the 3D Class Pass for FREE

Need a little help pushing your art career to the next level?

Looking for someone to help hold you accountable, grow your discipline, and keep you focused?

  • What each meeting looks like:

  • 45-Minute Private Session
  • Flexible schedule, choose your meeting times from a list
  • Weekends and Weekdays, Morning, Afternoon and Night Options

  • Fully Personalized Curriculum 
  • Software and Art Demos
  • Tutoring
  • Detailed Art Critiques
  • Tailored Advice
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Career 
  • Resume and Job Application Support
  • Networking, Social Media and Marketing Strategy
  • Confidence, Discipline, and Mindset

  • Action Items for in between sessions
  • Think of it as homework!

  • Regular Check-Ins
  • I will check on your progress via text chat

  • Full messaging access with me
  • Ask questions, get tips, etc!

  • Full Access to our Discord Mentorship Server
  • Get your own channel
  • Critique Channels
  • Industry News
  • Career Advice
  • Tutorials & Resources
  • And More!

  • Get an invite to our exclusive (and fun) networking event!

  • Access to our Weekly Group 3D Sculpting Workshop (Wednesdays, 5pm CST)

  • Get Voting Power
  • Help decide what the next group workshop will be about!

  • Extras:
  • Early access to art, video content, and future tutorials

Mentorships are tailored to your needs, skillset, and goals.

All skill levels are welcome!

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